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World’s first Steam Sauna incorporating multiple stand-alone or integrated modalities featuring Ozone, Hydrogen, Acoustic Wave Therapy, PEMF, and more!

Theta chamber

Discover the incredible science behind the ThetaChamber! This new technology can quickly balance and synchronize your brain’s chemicals, improving brainwaves and potentially treating neurological issues and addictions.

Walk in a theta chamber that is neatly and aesthetically organized in a therapy room.
M - HBOT Cube with a graphical decorative logo of Oxygen gas

M - Hbot cube

The Hyper-Cube is a low-pressure, ambient air HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy machine. HBOT, is an excellent treatment used to speed up the body’s healing processes.

Hbot Walk In

M-HBOT Wellness Chamber Cube can comfortably accommodate two people.

M - HBOT Cube with a graphical decorative logo of Oxygen gas
red led light bed therapy chamber

Inner Light LED-RED Bed Photobiomodulation

The use of light as a natural form of energy actually activates the normal biochemistry of the cell, light is then released into our system as electrical energy and the cells can take from it what they need.

AO Scan

The AO Scanner detects particular frequencies in the human anatomy and has amassed a compilation of more than 120,000 diverse frequencies. These frequencies remain uniform across all individuals.


PEMF is an abbreviation for Pulsed Magnetic Field therapy; employing this particular method involves aiming powerful, pulsed energy waves towards damaged or injured regions of the patient’s body. These waves smoothly and rapidly traverse through the cells in the injured area, elevating the rotation of the electrons held within them as a consequence.

Energy Infinity Mat

Innergy Mat information. Infrared with 4 PEMF programs with an adjustable heat program.” (on the service page (This is a custom mat, that includes 7 crystals for energy, along with 4 PEMF programs and adjustable infrared heat. It also includes an EMF blocker.))
person relaxing on the leather couch while having hydrogen gas therapy while hydrogen gas therapy machine sit besides on a side table

Hydrogen Total Body Improvement

Molecular Hydrogen H2 Acts as a Comprehensive Defender Against Oxidative Stress is the most powerful anti aging molecule known to man.

Molecular hydrogen is a medicinal gas that can be dissolved in water or delivered through drinking, inhalation, and transdermal application.


Recurring Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or (rTMS) is a secure and non-penetrative approach that stimulates neurons in the brain by utilizing attractive fields.
Hair growth laser machine sitting besides a comfortable chair while there is an off-white background

Hair Growth Laser

Most people will experience hair loss or thinning during their lifetime. “66% of men will experience hair loss by the age of 35!”* “40% of women will experience hair loss or thinning by the age of 40!”* -LaserStim, 2022

Laser Light Therapy

Recent scientific research is confirming what our extensive clinical experience has also shown: Deep Low Level Laser Therapy (D3LT) has a seemingly universal effect on all mammalian soft tissue cells!


Comming soon…

Radio Frequency Detox

Built on the foundation of Microcrystalline Radio Frequency Technology from Germany.

Our RF Inner-Cleanse Detox therapies enhance the bloodstream deeper into the cells of every organ within the whole body, heighten the body’s internal temperature to protect against sickness, and also promote lymphatic health.
RF inner-cleanse detox therapy machine with its remote control


Avacen Complete Body Circulation

Discover the future of alleviating discomfort. A medication-free alternative that is genuinely effective.


The Primary Neurofeedback Tool with Image-Based Proof of Efficacy

In contrast to conventional treatments, the IASIS MCN produces measurable alterations in brain waves without requiring conscious effort from the patient.

a woman having a session IASIS neuro therapy.
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