AO scanner

Visual report of your overall personal quantum health journey

AO Scanner identifies specific frequencies in the human body and has compiled a database of more than 120,000 different frequencies. These frequencies are the same in every person. Every cell and organ in the body have their distinctive Vibrational Frequency or Oscillation. When these oscillations are disrupted, whether, by injury, diet, stress, or emotion, it results in a disruption of that biological function.Knowing what the optimum oscillation or frequencies of these cells and organs are, can assist in determining the root cause of an individual’s health status when these frequencies are compared to the individual scanned results. When these individual frequencies are not addressed, this can bring about fatigue, depression, as well as mental and physical illnesses. Over the past 20 years, more than 120,000 of these Vibrational Frequencies have been isolated, identified, and cataloged. The AO SCANNER Digital Body Analyzer is a combination of technology from Russia, Germany, Spain, Asia, and the USA. Most if not all this technology is based on the works of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife, Albert Einstein, and others that realized that everything physical at its most fundamental level is energy frequency.

  1. Put your Bone Conducting Transducer Headset in place before beginning the scan.
  2. You will see an ‘EZ Scan Supplements’ section above the ‘Start’ button. The scan will automatically select the options according to the time on your device. You do not need to select or deselect any of the options; the scan will do it for you.
  3. Select the ‘Start Scan’ button to initiate the scan. A five-second countdown will appear on the screen.
  4. When the Inner-Voice recording begins, speak for 10 seconds. Start by announcing your name; for example, “I am [first name] [last name], and continue to speak about any topic you would like until the 10 seconds are up.
  5. When the recording process for Inner-Voice is complete, you will automatically transition to the Vitals Scan.
  6. When the Vitals Scan is complete, you will automatically transition to the Vitals Optimization.
  7. When Vitals Optimization is complete, you will automatically transition to the Comprehensive Scan.
  8. When the Comprehensive Scan is complete, you will automatically transition to the Comprehensive Scan Optimization.
  9. Your EZ Scan report will populate after all the sections have been performed

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