ZPPIS (Zero Point Plasma ION Suite)

This amazing wellness system is unique to the health and wellness market, however, it is based on tried and true frequency principles that have been utilized for over 90 years!

The Zero Point Plasma Innergy Suite incorporates three different but synchronized Frequency systems:

1. Acoustic Light Wave:

this is based on the original Rife frequency methods, however, the difference is the frequency range. Most frequency devices available can only produce static frequencies up to approximately 25,000 hz.

The Acoustic Light Wave produces frequencies up to 1,500,000 hz, but, they are not static frequencies, each individual frequency produces 11 octaves of sideband frequencies.

Studies around frequency protocols indicate that the most beneficial frequencies to the body are between 100,000 hz and 300,000 hz and that frequencies up to 1,500,000 hz have beneficial effects as well.

Acoustic Light Wave is the process of broadcasting audio frequencies through a Large Plasma Tube, which converts the sound into Light Wave Frequencies.

These Light Wave Frequencies pass through the body the same way radio frequencies do, but with virtually no stress to the body.

It is believed that Light Wave Frequencies resonate with the bodies natural frequencies in a harmonious way.

2. Scalar Waves:

Scalar Waves were referred to from pioneers like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein as Eather Waves. Different from radio or light waves, Scalar waves can not be stopped or inhibited by anything and can travel any distance almost instantaneously with no loss of power.

Scalar waves enhance the Acoustic Light Waves transmission and integrity. In addition, Scalar waves are traveling in pairs that are 180 degrees out of phase, which creates the phenomenon known as Zero Point energy. This is believed to greatly enhance the frequencies potential.

3. Innergy ION Rain:

Innergy ION Rain is a High Intensity Negative ION generator that is positioned above an individuals head and produces the sensation of being in a rain shower, but instead of water, a high intensity field of Negative IONs is being directed to the individual.

This high intensity Negative ION field encompasses the whole body and induces a very relaxing sensation and assisting the body in discharging the excessive Positive IONs from the body. This process enhances the bodies ability to more fully harmonize with the Scalar enhanced Acoustic Light Wave Frequencies.

This Negative ION field gently stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which in turn stimulates the hypothalamus and other areas of the brain, to promote homeostatic functions.

Other believed benefits of the ZPPIS system include:

The ZPPIS system is comprised of:

The Master Horizontal station is positioned in the center of the room.
The system is set up in a room up to 20’ x 20’ with the 4 Vertical towers being positioned in the 4 corners of the room.
The 8 - Innergy ION Rain recliners are positioned 4 on either side of the Master Station facing the station.
The 4 – Normal recliners are positioned 2 on either end of the station.
All of the recliners are positioned approximately 4 - 6 feet away from the Station.
The ZPPIS system is pre-programed to run the frequency protocols automatically with the push of a button.
The ideal session time is 60 minutes.

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