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Unlock Your Brain's Potential with the Theta Chamber - Rewiring Wellness, Redefining Possibilities!

In the wake of the current global situation, stress, anxiety, and depression levels have escalated beyond anything witnessed in the last century. Introducing the Theta Chamber-an advanced multi neuro-sensory simulator dedicated to brain recovery and rewiring.
The Theta Chamber enables swift and complete recovery from these challenges, as it effectively normalizes and harmonizes brain chemistry in just minutes through a process called entrainment. No other modality in the world today can match the Theta Chamber’s capabilities or deliver comparable results.
Within the Theta Chamber’s 30-minute session, therapeutic effects are observed through a range of non-invasive modalities. These include Vestibular Motion, Transcranial Audio Stimulation TCAS. L/R Hemispheric Synchronization utilizing Light, Traveling Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Frequencies, and Inner Voice, combined with 2000 body-specific frequencies tailored to each client’s unique needs at that moment.
These modalities not only revive but also forge new neuronal pathways, bolstered by research and made accessible by Loran Swensen. The fusion of these cutting-edge techniques creates a revitalizing and personalized experience, catering to the individual requirements of every client. The Theta Chamber’s non-invasive methods have yielded extraordinary therapeutic outcomes, making it an unrival

Discover the incredible science behind the ThetaChamber! This new technology can quickly balance and synchronize your brain’s chemicals, improving brainwaves and potentially treating neurological issues and addictions. ThetaChamber sessions utilize a powerful process called “entrainment,” which has the potential to help people achieve a new level of well-being.
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the current state of the world? If so, you’re not alone. That’s why we offer a cutting-edge multi-modality neurosensory simulator designed to help people recover and rewire their brains for optimal well-being.
Imagine a world where recovery from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental illnesses is not only possible but rapid and complete. With the revolutionary ThetaChamber, this dream is now a reality. Our cutting-edge technology leverages the power of subtle and non-invasive modalities, including binaural beats, vestibular motion, eye movement desensitization reprogramming (EMDR), and cranial-electrotherapy stimulation, to help our brain regain chemical balance and reduce stress. The ThetaChamber is an exceptional advancement in self-improvement that provides profoundly therapeutic outcomes, leaving you with a sense of renewal and empowerment.
Upon entering ThetaChamber, clients are met with a unique and stimulating experience. As the chamber begins to spin, the beats,subtle currents, and lights serve as sensory stimulation, providing customized frequencies that enhance their sense of time and space. As the therapy continues, clients often experience stimulation of specific brain activities and deep relaxation, leading to profound and moving experiences. The ThetaChamber allows clients to escape the cycle of difficulty they have been struggling with, even if only momentarily at first, with lasting results that provide hope for a better future. The ThetaChamber has proven to be a groundbreaking solution for helping clients overcome various challenges, including anxiety, stress, depression, and even addiction. Its success in enabling individuals to harness their own sense and volition has resulted in its integration with other therapies, including psychiatry, life coaching, counseling, addiction recovery, depression, and stress management clinics, doctor’s offices, and holistic healing centers. By joining forces with other professionals, ThetaChamber provides a comprehensive approach to mental health that empowers individuals to achieve lasting change and live their best lives. Experience a new era in neuro-wellness with our sophisticated root-level treatment technology, addressing the core of neurological issues.

Binaural Matrix's are the result of playing slightly offset tones through a headset, delivered to each ear. This phenomenon was first discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839. The impact on the brain's waves is dependent on the difference in frequency between each tone. A binaural matrix's is created by playing one tone at 310 Hz in one ear and 300 Hz in the other ear. These specific frequencies have the ability to synchronize the cerebral hemispheres and foster the optimal conditions for the re-establishment of the neural pathway known as "entrainment." The result is a deeply relaxing experience during therapy.

These electrical signals are similar to those naturally produced by the brain. Once the brain enters a Theta state, the Theta Chamber sends signals to the hypothalamus, located in the limbic region of the brain. These signals encourage the hypothalamus to produce healthy levels of serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters. With just a few treatments, the brain is entrained to function normally. New neural pathways are created, while the old and imbalanced ones wither away from disuse.

The ThetaChamber incorporates advanced technology to induce the Theta state, stimulate the thalamus, and promote healing rhythms through a combination of computer-generated light patterns, binaural beats, and microcurrent signaling. These light patterns are expertly calibrated to synchronize with the binaural beats and induce the desired brainwave state while also providing positive sensory stimulation through the thalamus. The sound and light patterns are carefully designed to influence cortical activity and neuronal function, providing optimal benefits to the user. The ThetaChamber also utilizes Vestibular Motion to enhance its effectiveness. Similar to Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT), this technique uses the inner ear's movement to train the body and mind to work together in harmony. By promoting concentration and improving cognitive function, ThetaChamber offers a unique approach to personal development and well-being.

The ThetaChamber has been thoughtfully engineered to facilitate the provision of numerous potent treatment modalities in a singular session. The said modalities have been purposefully devised to attain three primary objectives:

  1. The ThetaChamber is expertly engineered to promote a "Theta" brainwave state, unlocking the mind's receptiveness to learning, suggestions and healing.
  2. The ThetaChamber facilitates the restoration of normal brain function by sending gentle signals to the hypothalamus, located in the limbic region of the brain, encouraging the production of balanced levels of essential neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.
  3. The ThetaChamber technology encourages the brain to establish new neural pathways through a process known as "entrainment." This results in improved cognitive function and overall brain health, allowing for long-term relief from a variety of neurological issues.

The ThetaChamber offers a suite of modalities designed to work in harmony to achieve optimal efficacy on the brain. These modalities, which are all available during a single session, include the following:

  • Binaural Audio Beats: promotes the Theta state and aids in entrainment
  • Visual pattern light stimulation: promotes the Theta state and aids in entrainment
  • Vestibular (motion) stimulation: promotes the Theta state and aids in entrainment
  • Micro-current signaling: prompts the hypothalamus to recalibrate brain chemistry
  • Audio relaxation tracks: fosters relaxation and positive affirmations

Through the synchronization and combination of various forms of therapy, ThetaChamber elicits a powerful and pronounced neurological and physiological response, leading to immediate feelings of well-being for many clients. Such effects are often reported from the very first session, including deep sleep with vivid dreams, something that many of us may have not been able to experience in years.

About Brainwaves

Brainwaves also referred to as neural oscillations, are a complex and fascinating phenomenon observed throughout the central nervous system, observable at all levels of the brain that can be measured using electroencephalography (EEG). Although EEG signals have a broad spectral content, displaying patterns similar to pink noise, they also reveal oscillatory activity in specific frequency bands. Among the five commonly known frequency bands, Alpha activity (8-12 Hz) is detected in the brain during relaxed wakefulness. Beta (13-30 Hz) corresponds with mental alertness and concentration, Gamma (30-70 Hz) is associated with cognitive processing, Theta (4-8 Hz) is linked to relaxation and near-sleep, while Delta (1-4 Hz) occurs during deep sleep.

Contrasting Traditional and Modern Methods

In the late 1950s, micro-current stimulation was first discovered as a method of pain relief and has since been administered in various ways and conditions.

One early method involved the use of a device that delivered micro-current signals to the brain through the earlobes. Patients wore the device for extended periods, up to 23 hours per day for several weeks, to achieve the desired therapeutic effects for conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, or addiction.

Today, the ThetaChamber offers a more efficient and effective treatment approach, inducing the Theta state for 30 minutes per session, during which micro-current signals are transmitted to the brain. 

For severe addictions, we recommend two sessions per day, resulting in nearly an hour of continuous Theta state per 24-hour period, a significant increase in the total Theta state experience compared to what most individuals typically encounter. This approach reduces the treatment duration dramatically, from 23 hours to just 1 hour, while also maximizing the brain’s ability to receive micro-current stimulation.

The ThetaChamber and its associated treatments are:

  • Grounded in scientific research
  • Closely monitored by medical professionals
  • Provided at an affordable cost while prioritizing safety
  • Delivered in a private and discreet setting for your comfort and peace of mind
  • Designed to create a relaxing and comfortable experience
  • Often effective when other therapies have proven unsuccessful

267 cm / 105″
97 cm / 38″
228 cm / 90″ with top open


Minimum Length:
330 cm / 130″
Minimum Width/Depth:
366 cm / 132″
Typical Ceiling Height:
244 cm / 96″
110 or – 220 vac / 5 amp

TC-MX-76637GY-23: Relaxation pod with spinning function and music
TC-US-76638LS-23: Relaxation pod with spinning function, binaural audio beats, vestibular motion, and visual light pattern

red led light bed therapy chamber

Inner Light LED-RED Bed Photobiomodulation

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