HBOT Walk In

M-HBOT Walk In Wellness Chamber, seats up to 4.7H x 7W X 10LComes with 4 Recliners, and 4 oxygen concentrators, with Acoustic Wave Generator. AC/Heat.

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Clinical Implication

Mild HBOT is a good resource for clinicians. With the information obtained from this study we can see that mild HBOT at 1.3 ATA with oxygen supplementation brought on oxygen saturation levels nearest to 100%. Although oxygen supplementation alone increased oxygen saturation levels to near equal results, there still proves to be a greater oxygen saturation at 1.3 ATA with oxygen supplementation. Additional measurements are needed to determine whether the increased pressure and oxygen supplementation has an effect beyond what is measurable with a pulse oximeter. With this information clinicians can choose to use the appropriate chamber parameters that provide the greatest increase in oxygen saturation and therefore result in the best clinical outcomes for tissue healing.

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